A. 2500 LB. anytime GM 602 crate engine.
B. 2700 LB. anytime 362 or less. Cubic inch
C. 2900 LB. anytime 362 or more Cubic inch
D. All cars must have specific weight posted on top RIGHT side of roof.
E. Must weigh as posted at any time.
F. All weight must be bolted on with two bolts and painted white with car # on the weight.
G. Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.

A. Steel, aluminum or fiberglass bodies allowed.
B. Nose panel and roof must match.
C. Rear can be enclosed (optional)
D. Deck width of car may be no wider than 72"
E. Tubular bumpers allowed.
F. Eight (8) inch spoiler with matching side braces allowed.
G. Rear spoiler is not permitted to be suspended above the deck to create a wing effect
H. Rear spoiler begins where the quarter panels end. No extended decks.
I. Total amount of rear spoiler material used must not exceed 8 in. height (measured from deck to tip of material).

A. Stock frame rails. Body does not have to match frame.
B. Tying frame rails together, reinforcing or X bracing permitted.
C. Weight jack area may be altered. Buckets, plates, etc.
D. Frame or frame rails may be replaced from snout, (must be stock automotive snout) to the rear of car with a minimum of 2" X 2" square material or 1.75" round minimum and must be at least .090-wall thickness.
E. A stock snout must have a minimum of 22" of stock snout (OEM) frame. Any less will result in 50lb weight penalty.
F. WARNING: Technical Inspector must approve all cars with replaced frame or frame rails. Remember this is NOT late model or limited/crate, so don't build a late model or limited/crate car.

A. Tubular upper control arms and mounts permitted.
B. OEM Lower control arms for make and model required. (Lengthening permitted) After-market bushings permitted. (No after-market Lowers permitted)
C. OEM or Safety spindles and hubs permitted.
D. 5" minimum O.D. on coil springs.
E. Weight jacks permitted.
F. Any type of steering permitted.
G. Outer tie rod ends and any tie rod sleeves permitted.

A. Racing Shocks permitted, one shock per wheel. No adjustable and No canister shocks permitted.

A. Slide Boxes on leaf cars permitted.
B. No coil over or coil springs permitted.
C. Upper link, rubber bushing torque link or spring loaded type upper link permitted on leaf cars.
D. No 5th coil, 90 - 10's, lift bar, pull bar or Reese bar, etc.

A. May use a three point set up with a solid mount upper link bar, solid bar & rod ends. Solid rubber biscuit allowed. No 90 - 10's or spring bars allowed.
B. Solid Pan hard Bars with rod ends permitted.
C. Rear lower control arms may be aluminum or steel tubes with rod ends.
D. 5" minimum O.D. on coil springs.
E. No coil over permitted.
F. NO 4 bar suspensions. Any one with birdcages must have them drilled and tapped solid to the axle tube.

A. A minimum of three door bars must be used on left side, two on right side, and both must extend Into door panels.
B. Seat must be fastened to cage or frame. Containment seats strongly recommended.
C. Bars must be minimum 1.5 in O.D. and .095 thicknesses.
D. Roll cage must be welded to frame.
E. Seat must be fastened to roll bars or rail.

A. Must have 3" shoulder harness and seat belt, attached to roll cage. Seat belts must meet S.F.I specs.
B. Must have approved fire extinguisher.
C. Must have fuel cell mounted with two 2" metal straps.
D. Aluminum seats only
E. Hanz device or any type of approved head and neck restraint is strongly recommended. There will be a 50lb. penalty for those who don't have one.

A. An approved fuel cell, 32-gallon max. Recommended .20 gauge metal box, supported by a minimum f 2" straps by 1/8 inch thick.
B. Gas only - no alcohol - no nitrous oxide, nitro methane or other nitrate additives, no propylene oxide. GAS ONLY RACING GAS AVAILABLE AT RACE TRACK

A. Spool or welded rear O.K.
B. Quick Change Permitted. Steel or aluminum tubes allowed. No exotic material permitted.
C. 9 in. Ford floaters allowed.
D. No ratchets, True-Trac or any other type locker unit allowed.
E. No lead bolted to the axle tube.

A. American Racer PRO 2, spec 48's or 56's
B. Hoosier spec 1350's or 1600's
C. Hoosier FT 200 and 400 permitted provided they haven't been grooved or siped.
D. Premium rib tires must add 50 lbs.
E. Any wheel 14" maximum width
F. Tires must have all numbers and names on the tire. No grinding off of numbers or names.
G. Tires may and will be confiscated at any time the officials deem necessary for samples or to check for tire prep in or outside the tire. TCR has a no tolerance rule for tire treatment or prep to these tires. If TCR takes a sample from you, your money will be held until the results have been returned to TCR. TCR tech official's decision will be final and there will be NO resending of the samples.

A. Four wheel disc brakes permitted.
B. Dual master cylinders permitted.
C. Brake adjusters permitted.

A. Engine and drive line must be in center of car, half the distance of the ball joints.
B. Number 1 spark plug of Chevrolet must be no more than 2 inches to the center of top ball joint.
C. Number 1 spark plug of Ford "302" and "351" must be no more than 4 inches to the center of top ball joint. NO TOLLERANCE FOR EITHER FORD OR CHEVEROLET
D. Any engine set back more than the rules will add 50LB in front of bell housing and 50 in front of spindles. (100 LB) total.

A. OEM Cast Iron V8 Steel blocks only, may be bored to 4.060. No Big Blocks. Plug or vent and screen oil drain holes in lifter valley permitted. Deburring block and plugging deck to strengthen block permitted.
B. Flat top pistons only. Cannot come above deck.
C. Crank and rods must be stock or stock replacement (stock stroke and stock rod length.)
D. Scat/Eagle parts legal
E. Balancing permitted but no lightening or knife-edging allowed.
F. Polishing stock rods allowed.
G. No stroking or destroking engine
H. Stock appearing / Stock Journal Rods only. No Aluminum or Titanium 6 inch max. Length
Press or floating pins permitted. H - Beam Rods Permitted
I. Wet sump oil systems only.
J. Lifter bore must be OEM diameter for engine

A. Standard production OEM. Eagle or Scat Stock Replacement cast or steel crank also permitted.
B. Must be standard production stroke for engine. Example 327cid Chevy- 3.250 / 350 cid Chevy- 3.480 302cid Ford- 300 / 351 cid Ford - 3.500 / 360 cid Chrysler- 3.580
D. No lightening or knife-edging crank.
E. No turning down counter weights or drilling crank pins.
F. Eagle or Scat type stock cranks allowed. The thru holes will not be considered drilling the crank pins
Due to the cranks are manufactured with the thru holes.

A. Any chain and gears.
B. No gear drive or belt drives.

A. Any hydraulic or flat tappet cam and lifters allowed
B. Lifter must be OEM diameter for engine, Chevrolet .840, Ford .875, Chrysler .901

A. Any type header permitted, but must run parallel to the ground.
B. Mufflers are mandatory.
C. Any car judged to be too loud, by the track officials, under race conditions, may be black flagged.

A. Any OEM Cast Iron head allowed. All heads must have readable casting numbers.
B. GM Bowtie allowed
C. Straight or angle plug
D. Steel Valves only. No titanium
E. Valve stem diameter 11/32 minimum for all engines.
F. Under cut stems permitted, any type guides.
G. Any valve springs and keepers allowed. Steel retainers only
H. Roller rockers permitted any ratio
I. Stud girdles, Guide plates and screw in studs permitted.
J. No shaft rockers allowed unless OEM for the make of car
K. No porting and polishing of the heads

A. Intake 2.02 max.
B. Exhaust 1.600 max.

A. Can be port matched to head, but no more than 1" grind permitted on intake.
B. Any intake permitted, and any size carb. Spacer

A. All driveshafts must be white in color and no less than 2 inches in diameter.

A. Must be stock steel flywheel only. No lightning of any kind.

A. Standard production 3 or 4 speed.
B. Triple Disc clutches permitted.
C. Any Transmission permitted.
D. All Transmissions must have working Reverse.

A. Any electronic or points ignition permitted. NO TRACTION CONTROL

A. One carburetor only. No Dominator or Predator Carbs allowed



A. Must be 7 years old from current year.
B. Body rules same as Super and Limited LM

A. No super-lite hubs and no drilled or light weight rotors
B. No oil-filled hubs

REAREND: No low-drag rear ends. Steel or Aluminum tubes permitted. No exotic material.
No lead bolted to the rearend.

TRANSMISSION: Bert or Brinn permitted. No low-drag or 2nd generation transmissions allowed

A. Any oil shock permitted. No gas shocks allowed.
B. No adjustable or canister shocks permitted.
C. One working shock per wheel except LR


A. 602 GM must meet all GM specifications
B. Distributor must be GM HEI. Must chip at 6300. Must have soft touch box.
D. All accessories must be front mounted.

A. No Tri-Y or Stainless allowed
B. Must be economy header.

C. FUEL: No oxidized fuel allowed.

WEIGHT: 2500 LB anytime Must have 50 LB of weight in front of bell housing.

A. One Head -- $350.00
B. Oil Pan -- $300.00
C. Valve Cover -- $100.00
D. Engine Setback -- $50.00
E. Bottom End -- $600.00
F. Any item not listed in protest fees is considered a visual protest item and must be protested before race and not after.

Track reserves the right to delete, change or amend rules in the interest of competition.