A. Standard Dirt Style body required. A stock appearing nose is required.
B. Schaeffer Oil Southern nationals Body rules apply.
C. See tech inspector if you have any questions.
D. All B posts must match from one side to the other. (Solid or open has to be the same on both sides)
E. Rear deck height is 38" at all times with a 1" tolerance. 39" max.
F. Spoilers: 8'' max. Spoiler height and 72" max. Spoiler width
G. No more than 3 spoiler supports may be used.

A. No aluminum frames or front clips. All frames must be of steel construction, and must be a minimum of 2" by 2" square with a minimum material thickness of .083 inch.
B. If round tube frame, tubing must have a minimum of 1-3/4" outside diameter, with a minimum thickness of .083 inch.
C. Wheelbase a minimum of 103 inches. (No tolerance)
D. No wings or tunnels of any kind allowed underneath the body or chassis of the car.

A. All cars must have a suitable steel roll cage protecting the driver's compartment, including headrest.
B. Side roll bars are mandatory, and must extend into the door panels.
C. A minimum of three (3) bars must be used on the left side.
D. Each bar must be 1-1/2 "in diameter, with a minimum material thickness of .083 inch.
E. Roll cages must be welded to frame.

A. Drivers seat must be a proper racing seat design, and securely attached to frame. (Full containment seats are recommended)
B. A full racing seat belt harness must be used; harness must be secured to the frame, not seat.
C. All cars must have a quick release type steering wheel.
D. All cars must have a working fire extinguisher securely mounted within easy reach of the driver.
E. All drivers must wear full fire resistant driving suits and gloves.
F. Hanz device or any type of approved head and neck restraint is strongly recommended. There will be a 50lb. weight penalty for those who don't have one.
G. No electronic or computer controlled devices or data acquisition systems allowed.

A. An approved fuel cell (32 gal max) must be securely mounted in the trunk area of the car, inside a .20 gauge metal box supported by a minimum of two 2" inch by 1/8" inch steel straps.
B. All fuel cell must have flap in top with a ball valve to keep fuel from running out if car is upside down.
C. Fuel cell must have the pickup line coming from the top half of the cell.
D. Gas only. NO alcohol- no nitrous oxide, nitro methane or other nitrate additives.

A. Drive train must have transmission, mounted on rear of engine - no direct drive or in-boxes.
B. Any transmission, with working forward and reverse gears permitted, and must lead to one drive shaft.
C. All drive shafts must be painted white or silver, and must be protected by a minimum of one (1) safety hoop or a sling. (Carbon Fiber Shafts are recommended for safety.)

A. Any type of rear end / differential permitted. No exotic materials allowed.
B. Any steel or alum tube permitted. No lead may be bolted to the rearend.

A. All cars must have operational four wheel braking. NO CARBON FIBER Brakes allowed.

A. Any brand or type of wheel allowed. Must be mounted with lug nuts. No knock-off or center lock wheels.
B. Maximum wheel width - 14" inches.

A. American Racer: PRO 2, Spec 48's and RR 56 only.
B. Hoosier: Spec 1350, 21 or crate 21 and RR 1600, FT400, or 55 only.
C. Premium rib tires must add 50 lbs.
D. All 48's and 1350's must punch 45 and 56's and 1600 must punch 58 with our durometer.
E. Tires must have all numbers and names on the tire. No grinding off of numbers or names.
F. Tires may and will be confiscated at any time the officials deem necessary for samples or to check for tire prep in or outside the tire. TCR has a no tolerance rule for tire treatment or prep to these tires. If TCR takes a sample from you, your money will be held until the results have been returned to TCR. TCR tech official's decision will be final and there will be NO resending of the samples.

A. Collector type headers required.
B. Mufflers are mandatory
C. Any car that is judged to be too loud, by the track officials, under race conditions, may be black flagged.

A. ENGINE (A) 2400 lb. 365 Cubic Inch Maximum
B. Cast iron block only.
C. (.060) overbore permitted.
D. High performance camshafts permitted.
E. Any hydraulic cam permitted.
F. Roller cam permitted with 50 lb weight penalty
G. Any wet sump oil pans permitted.
H. Balancing permitted.
I. Engine may be crossed from one manufacturer to another.
J. Dry sump permitted with 50lb weight penalty.
K. Ford (S374) sealed racing engine permitted.

A. Cast iron only. (No CC Limit)
B. H.P. Valve Springs and Retainers permitted.
C. Titanium Retainers permitted.
D. Needle Bearing Rocker Arms permitted.
E. Chevy 23 degree Heads only, Angle cut Heads permitted.
F. Screw in Studs and Guide plates permitted.
G. 10 Degree Ford Heads must add 50 lb.
H. National Late model Sportsman Spec Head permitted.
I. Brodix Heads permitted, (These part # only) Ford - SPFO Mopar - SPMO Chevy - SPCH
J. Porting and polishing permitted on Steel Heads only (must add 50lb.)

A. Any single four-barrel intake permitted.
B. May port and polish.
C. Any size carburetor spacer permitted.

A. One four barrel carburetor only of any manufacture.
B. No turbo-chargers, blowers or fuel injections.
C. All engines must be naturally aspirated.

A. Wet sump systems, internal or external pumps permitted.
B. Dry sump oil systems permitted. Must add 50lb. in front of rear engine plate.
WATER PUMP: NO electric water pump.
FUEL PUMP: NO electric fuel pump.

A. Any ignition with the exception of magnetos. No magnetos.

ENGINE (B) 2300lb.
A. OEM Cast iron V-8 Block only.
B. Maximum cylinder bore size, Chevrolet 4.060, Ford 4.060, Chrysler 4.060
C. After-market steel splayed main caps permitted.
D. Main cap studs and straps permitted.
E. Deburring block and plugging deck to strengthen block permitted.
F. Plug or vent and screen oil drain holes in lifter valley permitted.
G. May surface block.
H. Lifter bore must be OEM diameter for engine. Chevrolet .840, Ford .875, Chrysler .901

A. Any steel crank with the exception of (NO Pendulum Undercut counterweights and titanium or other Exotic materials.)
B. Must be standard stroke for engine, Chevrolet 3.480, Ford 3.500, Chrysler 3.580
C. NO stroking or destroking of crank.
D. May balance engine.


A. Any flat top pistons and pins. NO DOME PISTONS


A. Solid lifters only.
B. No roller, mushroom or radius lifters.
C. Lifter retaining tray permitted.
D. Lifter must be OEM diameter for engine. Chevrolet .840, Ford .875, Chrysler .901

A. These are the only heads permitted.
B. OEM cast iron straight plug heads, Chevrolet Bowtie cast iron heads, Chevrolet Bowtie Vortec cast iron heads, Pro Action cast iron heads, Dart Iron Eagle cast iron heads, World Products Sportsman II cast iron heads, Ford SVO Sportsman cast iron heads, Chrysler cast iron W-2
C. All heads must remain AS-CAST.
D. No cc. limit.
E. Valve angle and spacing must remain original production specs for heads being used.
F. Steel valves only. (NO TITANIUM VALVES)
G. Valve size maximum for (B) engine, Intake - 2.055, Exhaust - 1.600
H. Valve stem diameter 11/32 minimum for all engines.
I. Under cut stems permitted, any type guides.
J. Any valve springs, retainers and keepers.
K. Guide plates, screw in studs and stud girdles permitted.
L. Roller rocker arms, stud or shaft mount permitted.
M. No porting or polishing all heads must remain AS-CAST.
N. No port matching intake or exhaust runners.
O. Racing valve job permitted Machine cuts only.
P. No blending valve job to casting.
Q. No deburring intake or exhaust runners.
OTHER OPTIONS: Any head or block not listed in rules above must conform to engine (A) weights
TIMING CHAIN: Any chain and gears, NO gear drive or belt drive.
WATER PUMP: Cast or aluminum permitted. NO electric water pump.

A. Wet sump systems, internal or external pumps permitted.
B. Dry sump systems permitted, must add 50lb. in front of rear engine plate.
FUEL PUMP: No electric fuel pump.

A. Any ignition with the exception of magnetos NO magnetos

A. One four-barrel carburetor only of any manufacture.
B. No turbo-chargers, blowers or fuel injections.
C. All engines must be naturally aspirated.

A. Any single four-barrel intake permitted.
B. May port and polish.
C. Any size carburetor spacer permitted.

ENGINE Option (C) 525 GM Crate Engine
A. Must have a Neismith or FUEL series program in the ign. Box and not exceed 7200 rpm
B. Must weigh 2300 LB with
C. Must have 70 LB in front of bell housing as follows: 25 LB on each side of engine and 20LB in front of radiator for a total of 70 LB.

A. Engine setback will be 6" inches from center of top ball joint to the most forward spark plug. 1 inch tolerance on engine setback.
B. Engines may be crossed from one manufacturer's line to another Example: Chevy, Ford, Dodge, etc.

A. Engine (A) 2400lb. 8" spoiler
B. Engine (B) and (C) 2300lb. 8" spoiler
C. Crate engine: 2200 lb. 12" spoiler
D. No weight allowance after time trials.
E. One pound per lap weight allowance plus 5 after race.
F. Minimum weight will be measured with driver in car.
G. No rear wheel covers or rear end covers allowed on car while car is being weighed.
H. All cars must have specified weight posted on top left side of car.
I. Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.

A. One head $350.00
B. Oil pan $300.00
C. Bottom End $600.00
D. Engine set back $50.00
Any item not listed in protest fees is considered a visual protest item and must be protested before race.

Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.